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BattleMedic March 29th, 2018 12:24

Ambi Pistol?
Hey everyone,
Before you say "just learn to shoot right-handed", I've been doing so.
I've also been doing my research for an ambidextrous pistol, but have come to you all for advice because my google-fu feels lacking.

I'm looking for a mostly stock pistol that has options for:
- right-sided slide release
- right-sided mag release
- other external safety that can be flipped (e.g. M9's slide safety); trigger-only safety is fine
- I like full-auto (and recognize that it speeds up gun degradation), but it's not required

So far I have only found the Umarex VFC Walther PPQ to fit the bill (and it has a warranty-voiding full-auto option to boot!).
I was considering a Glock, but found the slide release was only on the left side (the G18C variety is also kind of really rare).
I'm not crazy about 1911's, but do they even come in left-hand flavours?
Lastly, there must be guns out there that I have missed, and I'm open to suggestion!

beta678 March 29th, 2018 12:40

Short of the right sided slide release, I'd say check out the XDM. It's actually pretty nice if the aesthetic appeals to you. Pretty much ambi if you power stroke instead of running the slide catch. Has an ambi mag release button (not a fan of HK style levers). Both the WE and TM shoot fine in my opinion, would get the WE just based on my experience, pretty decent and seems to be a fairly solid material & design wise.

Besides that, other HK pistols would fit the bill, but most of them being VFC oem, I wouldn't really recommend them.

Kozzie March 29th, 2018 13:09

I would agree an ambi slide lock shouldn't be a problem, I never use mine to release the slide, I power stroke it, but to each their own. I think most lefties will just use the mag release with their middle finger (same as you would with the release on the PPQ or VP9), that wouldn't be a big issue for me either. But I get that it could be to you. Personally, I wouldn't let that restrict my choice of pistol because I could work around it just fine. Maybe some lefties will sound in.

Off the top of my head:
- The M&P Is full ambi (pretty sure you can reverse the mag release)
- The VFC (Umarex) VP9 is fulll ambi

Lefty friendly (except for slide lock)
- Glock
- KJW/ASG CZ P09 (pretty sure the mag release is reversible)
- Hi Capa

BioRage March 29th, 2018 13:19


TM H&K USP Compact
TM H&K45

ccyg8774 March 30th, 2018 01:56

KWA HK USP with USP Match slide release (easy to replace) and safety (not very easy to replace).

Amos March 30th, 2018 02:56

I'm left handed, used every pistol I've owned in 12 years with my left hand... and I've never run into an issue. Pistols are small enough that you can operate the controls with your left hand quite easily...

Only thing I've found that "doesn't work" is a target style pistol that's had the grip contoured to fit a right hand.

Right now I'm using a CZ P09 and I love the thing

The Cosmic Canuck March 31st, 2018 21:36

as a lefty, I've been using the KJW M9 for a year and it's perfect. The mag release takes about 5 minutes to switch to lefty configuration, the slide safety is ambidextrous out of the box and the slide release is easy to press with your pointer finger

ThunderCactus April 2nd, 2018 20:03

marui M&P9

-The mag release is interchangeable between left and right sides
-ambi slide catch
-ambi safety
-full auto is for people who don't know how to aim anyway

henrybacon August 31st, 2019 16:34

Go with the VFC VP9!

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