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Aznboy November 27th, 2016 00:05

Where to get cheap gear in Canada with free shipping if possible
I am looking for some tactical gear I don't really care if it is used as long it is clean and in good condition that is relatively cheap and in the Calgary area. Sorry if this isn't a question but I am a newb.


ProDoyle November 27th, 2016 01:22

Cheap doesn't always mean local.

I have purchased from them - fast and good prices. Also keep an eye on the gear section on here - lots of great deals if you are a bit patient.

devbro November 27th, 2016 11:58

how fast do you need them? If you are able to take your time, check out in the classified as well as kijiji. you may get lucky with a second hand item.

BenG November 27th, 2016 14:08

go to crown surplus in calgary, they have a fairly comprehensive selection of truspec products that wont break that bank, and most importantly wont break immediately, if you feel like spending a bit more id get the 5.11 stuff from 911 supply, also in calgary, but if you want the best, you can order from ctoms in edmonton, one day shipping for crye products. Personally as a minimum id go for the 5.11 stuff, almost as cheap as the truspec but with a few advantages, IR defeating, and the pattern does not fade like the truspec does. I use a mixture of 5.11 and crye and havnt had to replace a stich and ive had the same pants for 5 years now.

hollywood... November 27th, 2016 16:05

If you are looking for "Cheap" - you probably don't want to get into airsoft

lurkingknight November 27th, 2016 16:39

you can participate on the cheap but it's very difficult to BE cheap to participate. Low priced gear WITH free shipping? You're kindof asking for the world to be served to you on a silver platter with that request.

Some places have free shipping if you order over an X$ amount, but if you're being cheap, you likely won't be buying enough to make the minimum $ amount to qualify for a free shipping promotion.

Now if you're trying to play ON the cheap, then the smart bet would be to look for surplussed us military stuff that can be had for pretty cheap, provided you don't mind older styled things or items with well loved/used qualities, but you still have to pay for shipping. Gas to power delivery vehicles is not free, nor is the time of those people working for those companies that move goods.

Random Fire November 28th, 2016 00:43

LMAOfree shipping in canada you say:rolleyes:

RainyEyes December 9th, 2016 16:45


Pick one.

If the shipping doesn't screw you in-country the conversion rate will outside of the country...

Cliffradical December 9th, 2016 19:13

Don't buy cheap. It'll disappoint you in short order and/ or fall apart. Been there, done that.

Sometimes you can get old, real surplus gear "cheap". Even if it isn't the hotshit stuff the cool kids are wearing, it's the best option because it won't be single-stitched together with hopes and dreams.
If you collect a bunch of matching surplus gear from a specific period, well hey, that's a loadout thing!

Scour your local surplus store. Do a bit of research and rummage through the odds and ends bin.

Otherwise, save your cash. Start a swear jar. Spend the best portion of your money on high end eye protection and footwear. Everything else is just function or fashion.

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