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Originally Posted by ksuechuc View Post
If I'm buying an anything other than gear, accessories or parts...wouldn't I then get into trouble reporting this to the RCMP for purchasing say an AEG or GBB/R?
Was thinking about this. I guess they couldquestion how they got the guns into the country, if they don't have the right permit, the business goes defunct and could get it some serious shit. Now as a buyer I don't think it matters as we are not importing it into the country, just buying it. So intheory we aren't doing anything illegal buy buying there stuff, as we wouldn't know if they had a permit or not. It's really confusing at least to me, hopefuly someone can explain this better.

I reported a custom tee shirt site and they seem to be doing something to get my money back from them. It said it may take a month but hey if I get something back i'm happy.

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