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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
That's actually pretty cool, we should install that. I'd make a PUNK'D! tag for it, so everyone would know who got hit by it and they could point and laugh. Kinda like a big "Flame Me" sign. Thanks for finding that for us, mmmken!

As for annoying users, I'm pleased to say there are none on ASC. The Totalitarian Regime which dictates EVERYTHING on this forum simply removes anyone whose behavior was not up to standards and then denies they ever existed. This provides a 100% annoying-user -free environment for our loyal members.

But just to entertain the notion, for the conspiracy theorists out there: if this mod was installed and you did end up on it, it would mean you're on the staff's shitlist. Would you wanna lay low or get in everyone's face and just dig a deeper hole for yourself? I mean considering how quickly we've banned some people, you're digging a pretty shallow grave. There's a few cases where we just buried em under some twigs and dead leaves.

So honestly this mod is more of a toy than anything else, because in practice it would be little more than a speed bump on a users ultimate journey to Banistan.

Now I'll just go ahead and ban the OP for 24hrs, mostly for shits and giggles. You want an annoying user mod? Not being able to log on at all is pretty fucking annoying. Welcome to the big leagues.
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