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Can FPS be lowered with a weaker battery?


Newbie Tank

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Old June 1st, 2010, 10:47   #46
Dirty Deeds
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Originally Posted by Rugger_can View Post
Just a reminder
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Ok, here's the real info. You CAN reduce the fps via the battery. Let me explain: if you remove the battery, turn the hop up off, load a mag, and point the barrel at the ground, the BB will fly out at a greatly reduced velocity. Class dismissed.
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Old June 1st, 2010, 11:43   #48
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Originally Posted by venture View Post
Been ruminating on this one. It would be theoretically possible to increase fps with higher battery power and vice versa. When dealing with such high speeds (almost everyone's gun cycles 10-20 times per second! When dealing with such speeds there could be significant "throw" of the piston that actually gains a couple % more compression than when the sector gear is slow moving. 3% more compression would yield the 10 fps change that Jagdalex has seen.

I now own a high end chronograph, the CED Millenium2. I intend to test this; indoors so there are no temperature or wind or lighting variables.

I am glad you posted Jagdalex, because your data backs up the theory that I was going to post about this morning anyway. M102404 brings up a good point about lighting, barrel angle, etc in his post so I will do my best to eliminate these variables. The indoor location will remove most. If I use a "bench rest" in front of the chrono and just swap batteries from 7.2v to 8.4v to 9.6v I should eliminate the rest. Then I will post the results.
And if that could help you in your test I did all these chrono test inside with no wind or environmental factors and the barrel was slightly tilted downward when I was shooting in my cardboard box. Also I used the same battery 9,6V 1500mah.

And for those putting the dead horse thing, we know...needless to post it againg and again... it's just a matter to verify if it could be possible or not, not that we really care for in-game purpose...

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