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Night Vision Guide for Canadian Airsofters


Gear Discussion

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Old November 8th, 2018, 23:55   #16
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If you want really great high quality NV brand new, in Europe would be the place to look.
Brandonoptics carries their stuff if you want to buy local.
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Old November 9th, 2018, 01:35   #17
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Originally Posted by riley_A View Post
When people outside of the US advertise devices as ITAR free they're implying that they are purchasable by individuals outside of the US. However many "ITAR-free" devices will still fall under ITAR restrictions if they were to be brought into the states. When dealing with ITAR it does matter what the place of origin of the item was, all that matters is whether or not the device falls under ITAR restrictions when you try to leave the US, even if you brought the device in legally. So even though GSCI advertises their devices as ITAR free, if you brought most of their devices to the states you technically would not be able to bring them back out without an extensive amount of paperwork that is difficult to obtain.

Regarding the devices that you'll find here in Canada, you'd be hard pressed to have someone tell you how exactly those devices came into their possession. I like to assume that the devices were acquired legally, but we're in no position to accuse someone of illegally importing/exporting devices. Unless something is unquestionably stolen then I wont worry about it.
Ok thanks for the clarification. It sucks how you cant bring it into the US. There would be a lot of stuff to see there at night.

I guess I was more curious about how it came into their possession and wondering if there was a legal way to procure them from the US.

The stuff on Brandonoptics looks cool, thanks for the link! Next time I'm in Vancouver I will need to swing by to play around with the different NODs they have from ACTinBlack
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