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Age Verification and your account


Frequently Asked Questions

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Age Verification and your account

Since this has popped up several times in the past few months, it is time for a warning to all again.

When you apply to get age verified, please ensure you only have 1 account on ASC as per the forum rules.

If for some reason you have created a second (3rd, 4th, 5th account) and try to get age verified on them and not your original account, they will ALL BE BANNED.

If you have for some reason made multiple accounts, inform your age verified when meeting with them, and give them what those accounts names are so they can be shut down and you are only using your original account. This is the only way you will not end up getting caught and being Banned. Honesty up front has this 1 perk in this instance only. If you get caught after you can lose it all (at the minimum you will lose AV status and banned from getting it again).

IF you do not inform us of your multiple accounts and we find out after you are AV that you have them (or you create another account after being AV'd) they will all be banned, and your original account may also be banned as per the forum Rules. This is to keep people who try to scam and hide under false accounts away from the Buy/sell groups here to protect our membership from potential issues.

If you wanted to make a new account because you do not like the name you picked when you made it, tough luck, wait till a charity name change event is run and make a donation!!

If you wanted to make a new account because you were an idiot on your original account and you feel that you are now more mature and want a second change, then do so on your original account and prove yourself. This will speak volumes more versus being Banned for breaking a simple rule.

Nuff said.
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.
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I really understand all this steps and their relevance
Just that sometimes they are so nagging!
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